Drop Into A Virtual Class!

Drop Into A Virtual Class!

Live stream any of our 25 classes, 7 days a week - LIVE!


A Revolutionary Xperience

Xtreme Streaming is a virtual fitness hub that offers 25 different fitness classes from 15 different instructors that are streamed live, seven days a week! Our classes are led by expert instructors who provide clear instructions and guidance throughout the workout routines for all ages and fitness levels.

The classes feature a variety of workout routines including yoga, HIIT styles, dance, cardio, strength training, and more. Buy access to any class for $25 OR.....

Live stream classes from anywhere with an internet connection and mobile browser.

The best part? Our platform allows users to interact with other participants in real time through our chat feature!


Meet Your Instructors

Classes run 8am Sunday through Saturday 12pm EST!

Afro HIIT with Ali

Get your cardio in with Ali in his HIIT class, composed of 7 minute high intensity intervals with 45 second breaks set to Afro beat and soca music.

Tues/Sat at 10:00am

Yoga with Lola

Time to align your mind, body and spirit. Center yourself via the art of Yoga. Whether you are just beginning or have full on experience, this class is designed to increase your flexibility, strength & to elevate your mindfulness, movement and meditation.

Sunday at 9:15am ET

Glute Camp with Shilah

The use of glute resistance bands and supersets is just the right combination to tighten and tone while getting a great workout.

Wed 8:00pm ET

Line Dance with Butta

Git fit learning the latest, newest line dances! Burning calories is easy to do while having fun line dancing in this class for all ages!

Tuesday at 8:00pm ET

Dumbbell Trifecta with A$AP

Triple effective dumbbell training is here! This unique training technique is a daily challenge of 3 exercises in 1 set with 3 rounds, challenging the rep range from 6, 8, 10, 12.

Tues at 12:00pm/Sat at 8am ET

H.A.B.I.T. with Rose

(Hips/Hamstrings, Arms/Abs, Back/Butt, Incredible Thighs) Body sculpting and booty building weight class that focus on proper form and calorie burning.

Wednesday at 6:00pm ET

Compound Bounce with Zakiyah

Bounce your way to fitness! Join the high energy, high cardio and pure fun using the trampoline, the floor and a combination of both. Targets upper body and core.

Thursday 6pm ET

Xtreme Circuits with Phil

50 minutes of HIIT style training stations, including jump rope, weights and kettlebells.

Monday at 6:00am ET

Boogie Beatdown with Haz

Get ready for this HIIT Circuit training class consisting of 22 different stations with weights & machines to help tone, burn lat & build muscle.

Tues/Thurs/Fri at 6:00am ET

Zumba with Kayla

Zumba classes combine latin and international music and dance to create a dynamic calorie-burning form of workout for people of all fitness levels and age groups.

Tues/Fri at 10:00am, Tues 7pm ET

Da Remix with Rawn

With various elements of high intensity cardio mixed with muscle confusion, Da R3Mix takes 18+ years of teaching experience and combines effective exercises from the past, present, and adds new variables exclusive to this class only. Expect the unexpected!

Sunday at 8:00am ET

Banded Up

Join this calorie blasting high intensity cardio and strength training. Learn functional movements with dumbbells and resistance bands that target every muscle group.

Sunday at 12:00 ET

Gut It Out with Haz

It's mind over matter - how tough are you? Gut It Out is a HIIT style class that consists of a variety of core exercises combined with cardio.

Saturday at 12:00pm ET

W.O.W. - Women On Weights

Want to learn how to lift weights or feel comfortable in the weight room? Then this class is for you!

This class is designed specifically for beginners interested in strength training and eager to learn about free weights.

Wed at 6:00am ET

Elite Fitness with Will

Get you cardio workout in with kettlebells! This Kettlebell class is a fun, high-intensity-ballistic workout.

Mon at 6:00pm/Wed at 10am ET

Xtreme Hip Hop with Moejo

Xtreme Hip Hop with Moejo steps up to Sunday Intermediate and Tuesday Advanced Xtreme Hip Hop classes full of full body cardio burn through step aerobic fitness set to Hip Hop music.

Sun at 10:30am/Tues at 6:00pm ET

Train Pretty with Chas

This is a high intensity dance cardio workout with a healthy blend of your favorite dance and fitness moves! You will go from jumping Jacks to a sexy whine of your hips.

Mon/Thurs at 8:00pm ET; Sat 11am

Self Care Sunday with Rose

First Sunday of the month: start your month and your week off right by making time and space for yourself. Bring a mat and journal if you have one!

Sunday at 2:00pm ET

Missed the Live? Watch The Replay!

Each class is saved in the 7 Day Archives for 1 week from the day it went live, and replaced with the next live class. 

All Class Pass subscribers can view all classes up to 7 days after it was live! 

Non subscribers can pay $5 per class to view the replay for 24 hours!

View Classes From The Last 7 Days
No repeats, always fresh fitness classes!
No repeats, always fresh fitness classes!

No repeats, always fresh fitness classes!


Upgrade Your Day The Xtreme Way!

Always a live class, always new workouts, never boring, never a repeat! The only platform offering 25 fresh, fun, diverse strength and cardio workouts, from 15 group fitness instructors, 7 days a week!

Virtual Fitness Studio at Your Fingertips!

Gain access to a diverse range of 25 fitness classes, ranging from high-intensity workouts to calming yoga sessions, all available in real-time, combined with a Xtreme Wellness virtual personal trainer, nutrition coach and more!

Perfect for those who prefer the comfort of home and want to avoid the hassle of going to the gym, especially during unfavorable weather conditions.

With just a few taps, you can join live classes led by expert trainers, creating a dynamic and interactive fitness experience without leaving your home.

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Live Classes Daily
Live Classes Daily

Glutes, core, toning arms and legs, low impact & high impact cardio - we've got it!

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Try New Styles Of Fitness

From Weights to Line Dancing to Drumsticks to Trampolines!

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Choose your favorite trainers

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New Day New Challenge

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Nothing But Good Vibes!

Nothing But Good Vibes!


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